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Historic WACO Airfield Events


WACO Historical Society is pleased to host guest speaker Raymond Robb on Wednesday, April 9th at 7pm
“Global Reach: A Brief History of Inflight Refueling”

For more information, please go to the Learning Center Tab and click on Aviation Lecture Series

  “So You Think You Can Fly?”
You have always wanted to fly.  It’s on your bucket list.  WACO is now offering Flight Ground School and organizing a Light Sport Aircraft Club.  Begin your flight journey at WACO—practically in your own backyard!

Ground School

Ground school will be taught in 10 class sessions (January 2, 6, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, 30 and February 3 & 6) on Monday and Thursday evenings, held at WACO Air Museum from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.  February 10th will be an alternate date in case of inclement weather.

Rick Arnold, SEL, AGI, FAA Certified Ground Instructor, and instructor at UVCC in Piqua, will be the course instructor.

Cost:  $250 includes the Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Test Manual by Gleim, 2014 edition.  It can be viewed at
Additional Supplies Needed: Electronic E-6B calculator/flight computer ($59.95 at and a sectional plotter ($5.95 at Other resources needed can be downloaded at no additional cost.

Registration Deadline: December 26, 2013 (must have 4 participants) [NOTE: You do NOT have to join the Aero Club to attend the ground school.]

For more information, call the WACO office at 937 335-9226 and ask for Nancy.
Light Sport Aero Club
If we get enough interested members (approximately 5) we intend to organize a Light Sport Aero club based at WACO Field.  Members will organize into an LLC and purchase an LSA qualified aircraft, most likely an Aeronca Champ or similar plane.  Flight instruction will be available from several locally based flight instructors.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the LSA Aero club and learn to fly, or if you already have your Sport Pilot License or Private license and want to join a local club, call the WACO office at 937 335-9226 and ask for Don Willis for more information.